Behind the #HollandCool

An inside look at the making of our film!


Lend an Ear …

At the beginning of The Tale of Kat and Dog: A Holland Cool Movie, you may recognize a few familiar faces from history. Like this Dutchman strolling the Holland countryside in a grey felt hat. Recognize him?

Jenever with Jan

Picture this: You’re in Holland on business and you’ve been chasing a mischievous terrier around Amsterdam because he stole a certain cherished spherical something of yours. It’s all seeming like this trip isn’t going well at all and you just want to head back to Schiphol airport to go home and then…you meet a man like Jan. (Ooo la la.) He offers to sit with you and have a drink of jenever while you wait for the adorable four-legged bandit to come out of hiding.

A Dog, His Human, and a Bike

That’s Joepie in the basket. And the Dutchman in the blue suit is his human, Pim. Is there a stronger bond between a dog and his human? Probably not. Is there anything more adorable than a dog in a bike basket? Definitely not.


Stroopwafel (the unsung hero)

The delicious, caramel-y waffle goodness pictured above is none other than the stroopwafel – the unsung hero of The Tale of Kat and Dog: A Holland Cool Movie. The sweet scent of a freshly baked stroopwafel brings Joepie, the Dutch pooch with a great sense of smell (and of when he’s needed) running up to Kat, a New Yorker on a business trip. Thus begins their Amsterdam adventure. As the old cliché goes: their lives will never be the same.


A Meeting in Sarphatipark

Our tale takes Kat all around Amsterdam, from the famous landmarks to our favorite hidden gems. This scene, for example, finds the film’s protagonist, Kat, sitting in the beautiful Sarphatipark, distracted and distant.



Welcome to the official website for “The Tale of Kat and Dog: A Holland Cool Movie”! We’re so excited to get our film in front of your eyes on October 4th, but until then we’ll be here – sharing stories from the shoot in Amsterdam, info about the cast and crew, and a few suggestions of our favorite spots in Holland!